BOPA LAW & Trident - Oil & Gas Insurance


Combining a wealth of insight and hands-on experience


BOPA Law, in association with Trident Oil & Gas Claims Consultants, can offer specialist insurance policy coverage advice to clients from within the oil & gas industry. In particular, we are able to offer the following key services and solutions.

  • Advice and representation during the preparation, negotiation and settlement of claims, including claims which are currently 'distressed'.
  • Formal written opinions in respect of claims which have been delayed or declined, in whole or in part.
  • If required, litigation assistance.
  • Pre-loss analysis and pressure testing of existing policy wordings.
  • Insurance due diligence reviews during the acquisition and financing of assets.
  • Contract analysis to ensure an effective interface between a client's contractual exposures and their insurance programme.

Trident's David Hallows & Philip Hallett and BOPA Law's Carsten Tolderlund are seasoned professionals with long established track records representing policyholders from within the oil & gas industry. Says Carsten Tolderlund of BOPA Law:

"There is no doubt that we bring to the table a wealth of specialist knowledge in respect of a complex area of insurance law. Knowledge that can be deployed in both pre-loss and post-loss scenarios. Through our association with Trident we are able to expedite the settlement of insurance claims by offering the ability to negotiate directly with insurers. Thus providing our clients with the quickest possible path to an optimum solution.

For more information, contact either Carsten Tolderlund at BOPA Law (+45 4138 1905 / / or David Hallows at Trident (+44 (0)7815 319143 / /