Maritime and carriage of goods

BOPA LAW has extensive experience advising on matters relating to maritime law, shipping (dry and wet) and transport in general, by land as well as air, including multimodal carriage of goods, and the pertinent insuring terms and assists clients within most areas. The following is a brief and non-exhaustive excerpt of what we do:

  • Construction of charterparties, bills of lading and other transport documents
  • Claims under charterparties and bills of lading
  • Claims for delay or damage to goods
  • Contracts for the supply of bunkers, claims for (unpaid) bunkers, disputes relating to off-spec bunkers
  • Arrest
  • General average, collisions, groundings, engine failure, removal of wreck and salvage
  • Shipbuilding and repair contracts
  • Sale and purchase of vessels, including registration
  • CMR agreements and claims
  • Logistics
  • Driving time and rest periods